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  RFID card | IC card
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contactless IC card   contact IC card   blank card with chip
RFID card
contactless IC card
  contact IC card   blank card with chip
hotel key card   HID card   RFID blocking card
hotel key card   HID card   RFID blocking card
clamshell card   dual-frequency RFID card   prelaminated inlay for RFID card
clamshell card   dual-frequency RFID card
composite IC card
  prelaminated inlay for RFID card

ZOTEI is a professional RFID card manufacturer who offers high quality custom chip cards, ID Cards, NFC cards, clear RFID card, hotel key card, RFID keyfob, UHF IC card and all types of card with chip.

What is RFID card?
》The full name of RFID card is radio frequency identification proximity cards. It can be divided into three frequencies: low frequency(125Khz), high frequency(13.56Mhz) and ultra-high frequency(860-960Mhz).

How does rfid card work?
》RFID reader sends a set of fixed frequency electromagnetic waves to RFID card. There is a LC series resonant circuit in the card. Its frequency is the same as that of reader writer. Under the excitation of electromagnetic wave, LC resonant circuit generates resonance, so that there is charge in the capacitor. At the other end of the capacitor, there is an electronic pump with one-way conduction to send the charge in the capacitor to another capacitor. Internal storage, when the accumulated charge reaches 2V, this capacitor can be used as the power supply to provide working voltage for other circuits, to transmit the data in the card or connect the data of the reader writer.

Applications of RFID cards
》It is mainly used in identification, access control, supply chain, inventory tracking, vehicle cost, consumption, school management, safety, production control and asset management.
》RFID cards have adequate security. Because RFID carries the electronic information, and the content of data vias a password to protect, so that its contents can not easily be forged and altered.

Why choose ZOTEI?
》RFID card is the most competitive product of ZOTEI. With its rich experience and its extensive technical resources, ZOTEI is capable of co-operation with its customers in a flexible way fully dedicated to meeting the Customers’ expectations.

》ZOTEI has advanced equipment, high quality materials, exquisite workmanship, and a focus on supplying high quality RFID cards as competitive price.

》ZOTEI has a complete line of RFID cards for active and passive data transmission. Every step of our process is governed by ISO 9001:2008 certified.

》Every RFID card must pass our QC 100% strictly quality Inspection process, then go to the packing department for standard export packaging.

》Each order is sent out safely and quickly to arrive in our customers in time by door to door delivery service. You will receive the RFID cards at home or company.

》As a manufacture of RFID Card factory from china, all RFID cards customized request also in our produce range. And our designers can help to do the design for LOGO or special RFID cards size if our clients need that.

》All of our RFID cards include at least one-year quality assurance, and lifetime maintenance.

》We have invested in the latest printing techniques for RFID Cards to meet our customers’ expectations of quality, flexibility and speed of service, and offer the full range of in-house print solutions from design to mailing and fulfillment.

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