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  plastic card design
plastic card design


For our plastic cards to be printed, films have to be made. These films contain the information that is to be printed on your cards. Before they can be made, artwork in computer is required. There are two options for doing this:

Completed Design Service :
If you do not have computer ready artwork for your cards, we will be happy to design them for you. We charge a flat rate (refer to PRICES). Our design will include your existing logo, image and text, as long as they can meet our design requirements.
Your Full Design Ready :
Please do your ready artwork in Illustrator or PDF format and all text outlined. If you do not have Illustrator or PDF, we will convert your photoshop files but you need to include all fonts and also make sure all your text is editable.
 For Windows  File Format DPI Mode
 CorelDraw  *.cdr  600dpi or higher CMYK
 Photoshop (layers)  *.psd 
 Illustrator (outlined)  *.ai 
 Adobe Acrobat (outlined)  *.pdf 
 EPS (outlined)  *.eps 
 Freehand  *.fh11 
 Tiff  *.tif 
While Do Your Artwork...
> If you want your image to extend to the edge of the card, a bleed of no *less than 1.5mm should be used. For sample, our standard card size is 85.5mm x 54mm, Artwork image size not less than 88.5mm x 57mm.
> Fonts: Please include all printer and screen fonts used to create your artwork. If you are positive that we will not have to make any changes to your file, you can convert all type to outlines.
> Images: Please be sure to include all of your placed or imported images when you send your artwork.
dard design guide

Card design note:

> Card number : flat number , inkjet number , small embossing number and big embossing number and so on. Embossing number can be gold or sliver color. Please note that the embossing number can not be paralleled with width side. Die cut card can not print embossing number. Matte finished card and frosted finished card can print only do inkjet number and embossed barcode, not flat number.

> If requested metallic silver or gold background please indicate, if there's no special instructions, then we will print the card according to design.

> Thickness of the card: if not specified,we will make all standard thickness (0.76mm).

> There will be color aberration for printing. If there's sample card to follow color, then we will print the card according to it, but it can not be 100% the same. If customer requested strictly for the color and quantity is large and time is enough, it's better to print coated art paper to confirm the print effect first. The quantity is smaller than 10000pcs, it will be put together with other orders in one version to print, color will be control within 10%, the figure is normal.

> There're difference between actual card color and design color on computer. For the same design, it also display difference effect color in different display screen (for example , it will show difference between the LCD screen and CRT screen)

> The line thickness cannot smaller than 0.076mm , or it won’t be clearly after prntied.

> The minimum distance from embossing number to the edge of card is 4-5mm. the width of magnetic stripe is 12 mm , and distance to the edge of card is 4.5mm.

> The size of each letter for small embossing number is 3mm, big embossing number is 4mm.

> Please conver the texts, symbols or picture into curve.

> As the card printing carrier is difference, then the colour of printed card will be some aberration with computer design or the paper draft color printed by printer. It print according to CMYK color and can not be printed according to the computer screen color or color print by printer.

> The Shading and background color can not be less than 8%, in order to avoid it can not display on the card.

> A mold should be set up for the die cut card and the mold will cost little, the delivery time of die cut card will be longer. It also can not print flat number, embossing number, but can print with inject number or inject barcode.

> Embossing number can not be printed vertical , that’s embossing can not runned parallel to the shorten edge, just can be runned parallel to the long edge.

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