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  Plastic card printing

Introduction of plastic card printing crafts.
Plastic card printing crafts main four kinds below:

1. Screen printing
Screen printing is the earliest plastic card printing method and the traditional process, operation is more complex, but cannot printing true color in high-quality

Screen printing used to produce relatively simple and no gradient color plastic cards, in addition, it used to print gold background and silver background, signature panel, UV and watermark. Generally we only can print the silkscreen card by manual not by machine. Because of printing speed is slower, then when using silkscreen printing to do it, the labor costs are relatively high.

2. Offset printing
Offset printing is the most widely used in plastic card printing process, using four-color offset printer to print on single-layer PVC and then laminated, punched, encode magnetic strip, print embossing number and other processes. Now our company has two Paul Hyde four-color offset printers, able to meet the huge market demands, large-scale production, quality and efficiency.

3. Silk screen with offset printing
These cards can improve the way of novelty printing, with this kind of printing in plastic card surface can show the effect of sparkled, it looks more upscale and fine, to meet the individual needs of different customers. Processes of printing this kind of cards are silk printing silver/gold background first, then print other colors and contents on the metallic background after the ink is dry completely.
As this kind of printing must be prior screen printing of silver/gold background, so printing speed is relatively slow, labor costs are relatively high.

4. use dye-sublimation printer
Plastic photo card is a kind of personalized card in recent years. The main production method is using imported dye-sublimation photo ID card printer (such as the United States FARGO), the investment is relatively large, and the cost is high. The highly personalized information can fully reflect the company image, particularly for service industries and the window industry, widely used and in great market demands. But production costs are too high.

Quality problems which are easily occur in plastic card printing.

The problems which are most likely occur during printing plastic card is color deviation and uniform. The solution is to take Special issue printing to avoid.

plastic card printing
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