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Plastic cards company business scope is generally made include plastic cards, application management software of plastic card, card reader machine, design and production sales. Besides Plastic card, the powerful company deals with the products that relative to card and design, development of plastic card application system.

Since our company established, production scale keeps expanding, production and technical capabilities have been enhanced.

1. we have more than 6,000 square meters of production plants, more than 500 skilled workers, and more than 50 technical management personnel

2. There are two new Heidelberg four-color printer, 8 synthetic machines, 6 automatic In high-speed number embossed machines, 5 NBS number embossed machine, 2 IC chip packaging machines, 2 card packaging machines, 4 separated and punched card machines, inkjet printer, thermal printing machine and magnetic strip machine. Our company can produce all kinds of plastic cards 600,000 every month.

3. Since 2005, our company has set up department of software development, developed card application management system. At present, we have successfully developed a universal membership management system, cinema Canteen system, school canteen management system, etc.

4. Our company has developed a set of plastic card quality control system: PQCS, PQCS system can effectively control the production process of plastic cards in color deviation, surface scratches and other quality problems, otherwise can reduce material consumption and production costs. This has become our core technology.

We believe that after through several years of continuous efforts, we can become the best plastic card supplier in the world, provide customers better products and services.

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