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What are the plastic card factory mainly produces?
Plastic card factory mainly produce all kind of guest card, gift card, telecom card, membership card, magnetic stripe card, barcode card, calendar card, photo card, game card, prepaid phone card, scratch card, smart card, IC card, RFID card, 3D card, PVC luggage hang tag, key chain, metal card etc.

What are the equipment of plastic card factory?
Equipment needed are large printer, automatic card punched machine, embossed number machine, sub-card machine, stamping machine, magnetic strip machine, inkjet printer, thermal machine, synthesizer machine, silk-screen printing machine, packaging machine. Equipment investment amount no less than 100 million U.S. dollars.

What kinds of workers are needed in the plastic card factory?
Plastic card factory need experienced printing worker, synthetic worker, press worker, barcode printer operator, quality inspection worker, and experienced management personnel, marketing sales personnel so on. Among the most importance job is printing worker and synthetic worker , these two processes are most important for plastic card quality. In general, both of workers are the backbone of production in every plastic card factory, play more important role in the production. Producing 10 million pieces card every month, it needs about 200 people.

Which kinds of departments we need to set in the plastic card factory ?
We usual set offset print department, silk-screen department, synthetize division, card punched division, embossing number department, thermal printing department, quality inspection department, technical division, production department, sales department and so on. Some factory also set administration section, public relations department, foreign trade section etc.

What are the core technology of the factory plastic card?
The biggest problem of plastic card factory is the scratches on plastic card and color deviation, so every factory must have the technology or methods to solve these two problems, or it will be eliminated in the fierce competition.

What advantages we have?
1. Compared with developed countries, China has similar printing equipments: prices of PVC, ink and other major raw material are more or less the same, while the worker’s wages are difference from ten times, so our country occupies a large labor cost advantage and price advantage.

2. Compared with other developing countries (such as Vietnam) equipment, crafts, technology, production facilities, raw materials supply, etc., we are empirical than their, we have an absolute advantage in these areas.

3. As the Chinese ingenuity, patience and work meticulous, the card can be produced very fine, so the card industry is very suitable for Chinese people.

4. China has a huge market, a large number of plastic cards needed per year, the market capacity is so big, and the current plastic card industry is in its infancy, so thecard factory in China has good prospects for development.

5. In Shenzhen, Guangzhou of China has formed a system card industry base, enterprises can collaborate with each other, support each other.

plastic card factory
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