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  RFID ticket
In the era of rapid development of information, the electronic management of the tickets is an important means to strengthen the scenic conference management, improve management efficiency. Traditional tickets easily forged, easily replicated, favors release, the substitutions admission resulted in serious loss of ticket sales, difficult to manage and statistics the tourists out of the park. The electronic ticket management will greatly enhance the tourism legalization, standardization, information and overall management level, to promote the upgrading of industrial structure, to help improve the investment environment and opening wider to the outside world.

RFID system components:
RFID is the abbreviation for Radio Frequency Identification, also means radio Frequency Identification. RFID electronic ticket is a new type of tickets based on RFID technology.
The most basic RFID system consists of three parts:
1. Tag (Tag, namely RF card): consists of coupling components and chips, the label contains a built-in antennas for communications and RF antenna.
2. Reader: read (can also be written to read/write card ) the equipment of the label information.
3. Antenna: RF signals passed between tags and readers.
Some systems also through the reader, RS232 or RS485 interface with an external computer (PC system) connection for data exchange.

Working principle:
Reader/Writer send a definite frequency radio signal by the antenna, when RFID card access to the antenna working area and has an induced current, RFID card gained energy is activated, RFID card send its encoding or other information by internally installed antenna, after the system receive the carrier signal form RFID card, transmitted by antenna tuner to reader/writer, reader/writer demodulates the signal and decodes the message, then transmit to back-office main systems and proceed relative program, main system. According to the logic operation, main system judge whether it’s legal or not, aim at different setting and send corresponding command signal to control or dispose.

RFID electronic ticket applications:
RFID electronic tickets for tourist attractions, sports venues, cinemas, theaters, a large exhibition etc..
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