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Paper card made of imported coated paper or special paper material, there're 250 grams, 300 grams,    350 grams,  400 grams,  450 grams,  etc   with variety of thicknesses  which has low cost,    confidentiality, environmental protection and energy saving features. Double-sided coated paper card, printed gloss up to 95%, used of varnish or coating process to protect the printing surface graphics. Paper card is widely used, a prepaid card is a good representative. Paper card is a environmental protection card, widely used in sports lottery, telecommunications rechargeable card, prepaid card network, IP telephony cards, game cards, that’s open prize cards, etc.
The paper card is a new born, environmental protection paper cards, gradually   replacing the PVC card.      It is mostly used in fast consumer industry and cultural entertainment, such as games, audio and so on. It is widely accepted by the community since advantages of lower cost and easy to produce. Phone recharge plastic cards are useless    in addition to providing a password, it will caused environmental problems since the plastic is   not   easy  to  degrade and the users of prepaid card are so many, they will flap out the card after used. In contrast, there's no pollution of paper card, it is a green card. The quantity   of the phone cards all over the world is a astonishing amount.   These PVC plastic card bring a lot of "perennial garbage." To   arrest growth of  garage some   of the card  production  department  taking   alternative measures to start from perspective of environmental protection.
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