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  clamshell card
card hanging strap and holder

The clamshell card reading and writing process, ibetweencoupled resonant circuit with the reader via radio waves or contact contact To complete the read and write operations. theClamshell Card is a non-powered,When the reader read and write to the card reader signals superimposed on the compositionconsists of two parts: one part is a power signal, the signal received by the card, rather than their own L/C resonance, producingan instant energy tosupply chips work. The other part is a combination of data signals, the command chip to complete themodification of data, storage and return it to the reader, to complete a read or write operation. The data on the card can save more than 10 years long, it’s use to Shopping malls, hotels, clubs, cinemas, bars, beauty salons, video games, etc…

Clamshell card is a multi-purpose card consisting of PVC sheet and ABS shell bonded chip coil. It is a relatively economical RF IC card at present, has an ID number, a portable hole, and can print LOGO on the card surface.

> Physical Dimension: 85.5*54*1.8mm
> Weight: 9g +/-0.5g
> Color: white, or other color available
> Printing: printable with offset, silkscreen, personalizing on the PVC. Printable with ink jet numbering.
> Material: ABS, PVC
> Working Temperature: -10℃ and +50℃
> Packaging: 100 pcs/box, 2000 pcs/carton, 21.5 kg/carton, Carton size: 500*240*280mm

> IC Available at 125KHz nominal
EM4200, EM4450, TK4100, T5577, Hitag1, Hitag2, HitagS

> IC Available at 13.56MHz nominal
FM11RF08, MIFARE Classic® 1K, MIFARE Classic® 4K, Ultralight EV1, MIFARE® Desfire EV1/EV2, ICODE SLIX, TI2048.

white clamshell card black clamshell card
white clamshell card black clamshell card
yellow clamshell card blue clamshell card
yellow clamshell card Purple clamshell card
clamshell card
clamshell card
clamshell card
clamshell card
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