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barcode card
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barcode card

barcode card
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bar code card

bar code card
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bar code card


The bar code is by one and empty different in width, parallel and adjoin of one group. Symbol made up according to certain code rule. Can represent such information as the letter, figure ,etc. Bar code technology is to study how to use the identification information of the bar code.. And change the information of the identification of the bar code into the language that a computer can discern. Make use of bar code technology to realize and discern automatically.

At present, International widely used bar code types are:
EAN、UPC code—commodity barcode, useed to uniquely identify a commodity in the world. The most common barcode in the supermarket are EAN and UPC bar codes.
The EAN code is the widely used bar code in the world today, and become the base of EDI; UPC code primarily used in USA and Canada.
Code 39 —It is widely used in the internal management, since it can be composed of numbers and letters in various ways.
ITF25 code—used widely in logistics management.
Besides the one-dimensional bar codes listed above, the two-dimensional bar code has been developing rapidly, and used in many fields.

The production and print mode of barcode:
1. Use barcode printer to print.
Printed in barcode printer is a traditional way to print barcode. Barcode printer is specialized equipment. In generally, there’re thermal and thermal transfer printing method, using a specialized label and ribbons. Barcode printer card print quickly, can print special material (PVC etc.), and add extensions cutter, but it is expensive. Using and maintenance are more complex, suitable for professional users who need to produce large quantity labels. The most commonly brands of printer are DATAMAX, ZEBRA, CLEVER, etc. Thermal bar code print is based on heat and ribbon for the print media (or directly use thermal paper) to complete the printing, with different materials to achieve high-quality effects, and work continuous high-speed printing in unattended.

2. Barcode label design printing software applied with laser printer to print
Using the ordinary printer with the special barcode label design printing software is another way of barcode production. This method can achieve multi-use of one machine, high precision of laser printers, strong graphics performance, and can print colorful labels. But it prints slowly and less material. The main bar code printing softwares are Label matrix CODESOFT, BARONE, Keisei label software (JCDL), etc.

According to the above comparison, there’re advantages and disadvantages of both, use in different occasions respectively: In the place where need a lot of printed labels, especially the factory needs a large number of printing and special labels (e.g., PVC material, waterproof material), which is needed to print and use at the same time (such as the ticket office, etc.) should use barcode printer. In the case of small amount printing, and most are one-time printing (such as libraries), should use laser printing. In some small stores, small factories and other places can choose both of them. That is, if you frequently print large quantity labels, or there’re special requirements of labels and your financial resources allow, you can choose bar code printers; for example, the amount of your label printing is not large, but do not want to spend too much money, laser printer is the best choice. Using software applied with laser printing, not only can meet the needs of your bar code label printing, but also can use it to make business cards, badges and so on.

Application software Label mx, CorelDraw, Photoshop, Illustrator can design the artwork.
Label mx is professional barcode generator and printing software, combining barcode generator, drawing design, label making, printing batch integration, can print fixed and variable data. CorelDraw, Photoshop, Illustrator are professional design softwares, otherwise Label mx can export vector image bar code (.emf, and. .wmf) and CorelDRAW, Photoshop, Illustrator can be used interactive.

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