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The common quality issues of plastic cards and solutions
  1, Color deviation  
Imposition Printing is used for most of the plastic card printing, there are several different designs on one PS version, and thus it is difficult to control every card design will print with the exact right color. But some cards may come out with correct color yet some will with bad color.
The solution to solve this problem is to open the special issue to print the card , that is only one card design will be printing in one PS , then the colour can be printed very good according to design colour. The reason of colour deviation is because some time the material colour changes, the card also will be appear color deviation. For example , if the color of the material is darker, card finished is not smooth enough, then the card will be printed in favor dark. If happened to meet the problem, the solution is to use the better material.
2, The Plastic card scraped seriously
The main reason for this problem is the lamination process. During the process of card lamination, PVC sheet material will be pressed by steel plate, increasing temperature and pressure to make two pieces of PVC sheet material combined together. If steel finished is not good enough, or steel plate in bad maintenance and appear to wear, it will be leaved apparent nick on the material surface when pressing PVC sheet material , then it not good to look . So the slution is change the attrited steel plates.
3, Card deformation
The reason for the plastic card deformation is during printing embossing number, if punch pressure setup too high ,it will be easy to play the card deformation. We can adjust slightly the punch pressure to solve this kind of problem. Another reason for card deformation is the coated overlay laminated on only one side. The deformation coefficient is difference between laminated coated overlay and pvc , it ‘s easy to cause the card curved when the card only laminated on one side. The solution is to laminate both sides coated overlay or without.
4, Plastic card layering
The reason for layering is the temperature is not high enough during synthesis, can not reach PVC sheet material melting point or synthesis time is not encough, causing two pieces PVC sheet can't completely gluing. The solution for this problem is to improve the synthesis temperature or extense synthesis process of time.
5, The card edge is not smooth
This is the reason of this problem must be the cutting card mold was excessive weared out or has gap, the solution is to repair or replace mold.
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