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      home > resources > The main material of PVC card production: PVC material introduction
The commonly base material used of membership card is PVC material, it is one of the synthetic material which was loved ,popular and widely used in the world . The ueage is at the second of the world. PVC not only can show the nature color, but also can show the color peple image, and the printed color is nature, Luxuriant colour and rich variety.
The surface of the goods and the shape will leave people the first impression. Advertising psychologists think that, that first impression for saling product has played a decisive role. In this sense, the PVC film market is very favorable. in fact, with the development of The Times, PVC has gradually won people's favor with its good performance, simple artworks and many other advantages, has been accepted and approved by more and more people.PVC is the darling of the construction industry in the European and American countries .
PVC can be seen everywhere in Daily life. PVC Not only can show the nature color, but also can show people's vision of the color. In Germany, PVC is using for surface material of 40% of the furniture. No one will take PVC and the white trash to think together when seeing the natural luster, luxuriant colour, rich variety, elegant style and beautiful, high-grade office desk, bookcase, sofa, hutch ark; wouldn't think of it is PVC sucked film gives them so beautiful garments.
PVC misunderstandings
For many years, people think PVC is inharmonious, a man-made notes, destroying the environment and going against ecological development. In 1996, there's a fire occurred which has killed 17 people and made a big splash fire at Dusseldorf airport, some error directions of public opinion made people take the PVC as the fire culprit, this undoubtedly increase people's misunderstanding of PVC.
PVC phenomenal performance
what’s difference between PVC film and ordinary sticky film? Ordinary sticky film is directly with glue stick on the surface of the plate at room temperature. it will be easy fall off after one or two years. PVC film is application-specific vacuum laminator at 110 degrees attached to the surface of the press plate, so it is not easy to fall off.
Although PVC film have excellent quality assurance, but some people may say, PVC still is a chemical product, it can not compare with natural material, and can not eliminate the toxic and peculiar smell, it inevitably harm the environment. Actually, it is not like this . it is because the PVC film raw materials German produced are refined by special ways. and toxic substances were drawn out completely, so the PVC is completely avirulent dull, no any stimulus to human body skin or respiratory system. It’s very suitable using PVC film to pack furniture or kitchen utensils and appliances for thoese people who allergy with timber and paint. To use PVC film as decorative membrane, people can be used less ZhongMi board, particieboard, plywood and chipboard, so can reduce the use of wood, and reduce the destruction for forste and the environment. From this perspective, PVC film make great contribution for protect the ecological environment
PVC material
PVC material
The use of PVC once in western countries caused a lot of debate, many people tried to use a variety of other materials instead of PVC. But the fact that the quality of the PVC is as good as others material and cheaper than them . After study, experts found that, gave up using PVC will generate a substantial number of extra cost in many industries. Specific data shows that to give up the use of PVC will occur the extra cost of billions of mark. For specific consumers, this would mean a huge extra spending. Use materials to the surface of the window as an exsample, if these Windows do not use PVC, but use normal wood as surface, only the cost of cleaning and maintenance will be an amazing number. A town in Britain, people have used wooden window in the past 20 years, someone investigated the cost of cleaning and maintenance of the wooden window, comparing the cost of cleaning PVC Windows, the result shows the cost of wooden ordinary window cleaning is more expensive than PVC window cleaning.
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